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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Guide: Tools to Organize Your Home Office

Taking a little time to organize your home office will increase productivity and time management. ...(more)

Tips for Cleaning Wicker Furniture

Just like countertops and carpets, furniture gets dirty. However, unlike a counter top, you can't always just clean your furniture with a rag and call it done. Wicker furniture in particular needs to be cleaned gently and carefully. Cleaning it incorrectly can result in damage to the protective coating, and even the wicker itself. If your furniture is in need of a good clean, read over these tips before you start....(more)

What Do Housekeepers Do?

Housekeepers have been a part of society for a long time. They help us take care of our homes when we are either unable to or simply do not have the time. Despite how seemingly obvious their work may be, a lot of people do not fully understand what it is they do, exactly. This article will answer some of the more common questions about housekeepers....(more)

Spring House Cleaning Chores: A Comprehensive Checklist

Start planning your spring house cleaning today. If the season has come and gone, do not let that stop you. A clean house that is reborn like a spring flower is always a welcome sight. Grab a pen and paper and psyche yourself up for the task. Spring house cleaning does not have to be a daunting task. Break down the chores into a few simple categories that have a huge impact....(more)


How to Wash Windows

Look on most any suggested spring cleaning list and you will find "Wash Windows" on most. Washing windows is not a favorite task for many as it can involve a lot of time, frustration and monotony. ...(more)

How to Clean a Tile Floor

It's easy to ignore cleaning the surfaces in your home that get the most use. Some cleaning tasks are obvious, like when it's time to vacuum, but when was the last time you really cleaned your tile floor? ...(more)

How to Clean a Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest places in the average kitchen. Having a good method for cleaning it is essential. ...(more)

Cleaning Windows

How to Clean Window Treatments

One of the most dreaded tasks for homeowners is cleaning window treatments. The monotony and sheer volume of windows and various treatments can be overwhelming. It doesn't have to be as time consuming of a task as initially thought and can be a lot easier to clean with regular maintenance. ...(more)

Homemade Window Cleaner Solution Recipes

If you think that homemade cleaners can't match your store-bought brand, think again. Many of these solutions outperform the leading commercial window and glass cleaners. Plus, they cost pennies to make and you get the peace of mind of knowing exactly what goes into each bottle. Some ingredients in these recipes are either very acidic or alkaline and can damage sensitive items like tinted windows or antique mirrors. When cleaning such items, perform a spot test to ensure that your homemade solution does not cause damage....(more)

Streak-free Glass Cleaning Tips

If you have been dealing with streaks on glass and mirrors in your home, these streak-free glass cleaning tips are likely to change the way you see things. By following a few simple tricks, you have higher visibility and no more streaks in no time....(more)

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